Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits: Transform Your Regular Bike

Why do you need to pay full price on Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits? We can find the best price the internet has on offer and in no time you will be zooming around on your bike with a quality electric conversion kit.

In recent times, the "green" message has become more pronounced and more and more people from all around the world are looking for alternative ways to save energy and leave a less of an impact on our globe. As a result, obtaining an electric conversion kit for a bicycle has become increasingly popular on the internet.

Join the electric bike craze and we can do it for you by providing you with a quality electric bike conversion kit at a discount price.

Today's Top Discount on Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

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Installing a electric bicycle conversion kit can be relatively simple and we provide some manuals if you get a little stuck. Feel free to download the manuals and use them how you wish. They can be easily printed off so you don't have to install the conversion kit in your study!

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The E-BikeKit Complete Conversion System empowers you to easily convert your own conventional bike into a battery-powered electric bike.
E-BikeKit.com offers the ultimate electric bicycle conversion solution complete with a 36v 10ah Prismatic LiFePo4 battery & 2 Amp Charger. Engineered to comply with USA Federal guidelines, the E-BikeKit system offers riders safety, power, convenience and reliability.