Why Electric Bikes & Hoverboards Will Top Most Christmas Gift Lists this Year!

hoverboardWhen looking for a gift for the teenager who has everything or the gadget-loving adult, look no further than electric bikes and hoverboards! A hoverboard for sale is a dream waiting to come true for these individuals because they are new, trendy, and useful! Similarly, electric bicycles can provide relief for bike commuters or hill-climbing assistance for the biking enthusiasts. They are both great gift ideas for the 2017 Christmas season.

Hoverboards do not actually hover, but they are more like segways without handles. A rider steps onto a wheeled platform, and they can control the movement of the hoverboard by leaning forward and backward. There is a motor on each wheel, which allows for more control and balance since there are no handlebars. People can travel a little over ten miles per hour on these vehicles.

What has made hoverboards popular is their uniqueness, but it has been helped along by celebrities publicizing this form of elite travel. They’ve also become notorious for catching fire or blowing up, and they have caused some injuries. It must be assumed that these issues have been resolved because their popularity has not waned.

You can purchase hoverboards under $100 from eBay, and the typical hoverboard at most retailers is still fairly cheap at around $300. Walmart and Amazon offer many options ranging from $150 to nearly $1,000. This makes it on the bigger side for most people’s Christmas lists, but hoverboards are affordable.

Electric bikes, on the other hand, range from about $300 to many thousands of dollars. This is a similar gift to hoverboards in that it’s fun and trendy, but it is a much larger investment.

electric bikeElectric bikes are for all types of bike riders. For those who travel many miles to work on their bicycles, they can arrive sweat-free. It also helps long-distance rides if one gets stuck in a headwind. Less athletic bicyclists can use electric bikes to prevent uphill struggles. Generally speaking, it makes the ride easier, and riders can do much more or much less with an electric bike based on their wants or needs.

One consideration when purchasing a hoverboard or an electric bicycle is regulation, and hoverboards are illegal to ride in some areas, while electric bicycles are synonymous with motorcycles in some areas. This is important to clarify prior to purchasing either item.

No matter what, your Christmas gift is sure to be a hit if it is a hoverboard or an electric bike, and both will be at the top of many people’s list this year.